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24 Years -- Drug Conspiracy

Preston Mays, prisoner of the drug war
On March 1, 1995 I was sitting in the living room of a house that my mother, father and myself had rented to a lady I had known for a couple of years. She had called me a week before. I lived on a 120 acre poultry farm, 43 miles from the rental. She said her daughter had broken the sink in the bathroom and the floor was getting destroyed.

A week after she called I found time to go make the repairs. I had a friend drive me - my license was suspended because I had a DUI. My son met me at the house and we went in together to make the repairs. She had to run an errand and said she would be right back. I agreed.

At about 8 o'clock I started getting worried because she hadn't come back or called. I waited still and about 10:30 the police ripped through the unlocked door with a huge battering ram. About 20 helmeted, jackbooted, armor plated, machine gun yielding monsters came running, yelling "Hands over your heads mother-f**kers, just twitch and we'll blow your f**king brains out!" I felt like my heart had stopped. I had no idea who I'd killed, but I must have -- right? That is all that came to my mind -- what did I do? What did I do?

They searched the house and found a pound of marijuana and 2 1/2 pounds of meth in a file cabinet after ripping it open. My son and I were arrested and taken to the police station. We were interrogated about drugs, which I knew nothing about. My tenant had been arrested shortly after leaving the house and told them her "boyfriend" (meaning me) "was still at the house and if there were any drugs there, they must be his because I have all mine with me."

Three days later they searched her vehicle again and found 6 more pounds under the truck on the spare rack. When I found out about this - I knew I was headed for big trouble.

The federal government stepped in after 22 days and we were moved to Sacramento from Stockton where we were charged with 8 different counts. After a few months in jail they offered me 13 1/2 years to take a deal not to go to trial. I wasn't guilty so I refused.

They then talked the lady into putting everything off on me. They told her she was caught red-handed and would get 30 years. She later told my parents that she was taken from the jail to the court basement for 3 days and coached by the US Assistant prosecutor. She was told what to say and exactly how to respond to defense questioning. She got on the stand at my trial and said I had cooked over 900 pounds of meth at the farm, but she was only at 2 of the "cooks". I freaked out. I couldn't believe the lies! I can't even made a good drink and I have a 9th grade education.

There were 11 guns in the rental -- all registered to her. None of my clothing was in the house, nor did I have keys to the doors. My prints weren't on anything, but still the good citizens of California that sat on that jury said I was guilty. Guilty because someone said that I was.

I proved beyond a reasonable doubt that I had not shared that home. The lady I did live with at my farm 43 miles away testified too, so did my farm neighbor who belongs to the Highway Patrol.

I got 10 years for the guns. I got 24 years for conspiracy, and another 24 years for possession with intent to distribute. All concurrent so I will do 24 years.

I honestly believe a blind man could see where the guilt lay. She got 5 1/2 years with a year off for a drug program. She will be out in 1998 and my release date is January 2016. I'll be 63 when I'm released. I wished I had "just twitched" so they could have "blown my f**king brains out." I have been inside for 3 years, my dad now has bone cancer. My mom is a severe diabetic, but every week-end they set up and pass out material about this "drug-war" at flea markets. My dad will be gone soon, what will happen to mom?

I should just kick myself in the ass. I knew the lady was a drug user, I just didn't know she was a dealer. I pray to God this will all end soon, but it won't - not until we, me and you, wake these people up to what our government is doing to its citizens.

I can't believe 24 years and a 5 year tag for me. O.J. is on the golf course, Au-Pair is going home. The lady who scalded her babies to death gets 12 years, does 2 or 3 and out on parole. I ask you America, to help me. I'm not the monster they say I am. I haven't killed, or beat, or robbed or done anything to anyone.

Preston Mays, Stanley Bice, and Michael Bliss
I am pictured with my "old family" (top photo), and
one of my "new family"; Stanley Bice, who got 44
years (center) and Michael Bliss, who got 35 years.
Add it up America - 103 years for drug "crimes."