Vern McCarty -- #07591-040

22 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

Vern McCarty, prisoner of the drug war
I received 22 years for a cocaine law violation.

Since my incarceration I have had to have three emergency blood transfusions -- all three times I have nearly died. It is difficult to get the proper medication here, and when I don't, my stomach bleeds. I was evaluated by the University of Wisconsin Medical staff who were adamant that I need "urgent surgery." I'm still waiting to have it.

The 7th Circuit agrees that my serious medical needs are being ignored and that I have proven that my 8th amendment rights have been violated -- "cruel and unusual punishment" -- but as usual -- I wait for surgery.

My family is an 8 hour drive from where I am being held and this is my first grandchild, my first visit with this grandchild, my only visit with this grandchild.