Gerald McNeil -- #70984-079

19 Years -- Drug Conspiracy

Gerald McNeil, prisoner of the drug war
I am currently serving an 18-and-one-half-year sentence for one count of possession with intent to distribute and one count of conspiracy. I had a prior drug charge five years before this one. I'd worked steadily after leaving prison.

My cousin was working as a CI (confidential informant) and introduced me to a DEA agent. My wife and I had had another child on the way and needed money. I fell right into the trap. Not once did I ask them to buy drugs -- they came to me.

My wife now does her best to get by and take care of the children. It is difficult for her to come and see me when she is barely getting along.

Like many of this country's prisoners of the drug war, all I can do is pray and keep faith in our Almighty God "Allah."