Melissa Miller -- #U9224-080

My name is Melissa Miller or better known as U9224-080. I have been in and out of the federal system since I was 23-years-old (on the same charge). My first sentence was a 51 month sentence for conspiracy to distribute marijuana in excess of over 100 kilograms. I was a first time non-violent offender, who was sentenced on hear-say, though I will not lie -- I was guilty. Had I not been, I don't see that is our county it would of mattered one way or another. I was released December 18, 1997 from Bryan, TX (PC). I was on 5 years suspension release, and received a bad U.A. Feb. 98 for cocaine (a substance I do not use), however I did not fight it.

Who would of believe me anyway? I received a supervised release modification of 90 days home confinement and did it successfully. Almost to the day a year later (mind you in between this time I took will over 150 U.A'S, and passed EVERYONE, never ever failed to report, or miss a therapy session groupwise or single) anyway, a year after my 1st technical violation, I received my 2nd technical violation, but could not be punished for both since I had already been punished for the first one. On April 19, 1999 I received a 36 month sentence for 1 positive UA. (Methamphetamines) I had a guideline range of 3 to 9 months, so they charged one with "internal possession" of a controlled substance and sentenced me to 3 years! What the hell? Do they just make these laws up as they go along?

I am very much interested in joining the November Coalition. I am considering leaving my roots and the United States when I am released this time. I just don't believe in America anymore, and I am scared to live in my own country.

My mothers situation is similar -- She's doing a year sentence for $50.00 dollars worth of meth. Her case is from 1990 where she did 9 1/2 years of a ten year probation sentence and was revoked (no new case) and given 6 years. That's 16 ears on $50.00 worth of speed. Jesus Christ, what is this world coming to? What are we letting our government do to us? My mother was revoked when an attempt to get her to become a confidential informant was rejected. She refused to do this for the Rath Co. (TX) Sheriffs office -- specifically a man named Kevin Fincher (Sheriff) in Stephenville, TX, she was then revoked and is now serving her time in a maximum security prison in Gatsville, TX (She's also a non-violent offender). Please send her the newsletter as well, and when we are freed will be in a better position to donate (if the government would quit squeezing our assets!)