Charles G. Neel -- #06258-002

15 Years -- Marijuana Conspiracy

Charles Neel, prisoner of the drug war
I am 58 years old, serving 15 years in federal prison for a conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana.

My wife and son both owned a gun ... kept in our home, and so I recieved additional prison time for possession of a firearm during a drug crime.

We lost our home to forfeiture even though the house had been purchased in 1920 and sold to me by my father in 1965. I had the mortgage paid off in 1980 but they took it all (including the family car) because I would not cooperate and turn in my friends.

I had been a private investigator and had done some work for a presidential candidate in Mexico in 1994. It was this man's son who was importing marijuana into the United States.

I refused to tell the federal government what I knew about this man's son.

I refused to become a "rat," so I am the one sent to prison.

My wife is now deceased.