Tom Neville -- #913358

Cocaine Conspiracy

Tom Neville, prisoner of the drug war
I worked for 25-years at Reliance Electrical Division of Exxon Corporation. I am a skilled machinist. I am also the father of a 19 year old daughter and we are very close. All of this has been so hard on her.

I owned a nice home with several acres in a remote region of Jennings County in Indiana. The nearest town was ten miles away and I'd loved my privacy.

In March of 1997, Bartholomew County detectives obtained a search warrant to search my house, all persons, and all vehicles. The search was obtained in regards to a California birth certificate. An informant told the detective that I had obtained a drivers license using a California birth certificate in the name, Tommy Nevile (one "l") and this was true.

I wasn't at home so they broke the dining room window to search the home. They searched all but underneath the house. While looking for the birth certificate they found scales and a thermos bottle containing several ounces of cocaine and cash.

In all I forfeited $100,000 in assets. My lawyer talked me into a plea agreement after I lost a motion to suppress the thermos bottle as evidence. I have a lot of hate. I've lost my parents ...

In prison, child-molesters, wife and child beaters, rapists, robbers -- they have victims. There were no victims with my so-called crime. Now that I'm locked up the victims have become my family and I.

Every American should read the book Defrauding America by Rodney Stich.