David Perk -- #08117-040

20 Years -- Drug Conspiracy

David Perk, prisoner of the drug war
I am currently serving a 20 year sentence for a first time, non-violent drug offense. I leave behind two loving and supportive parents and four brothers.

I agreed to plead guilty to a conspiracy charge after the Government threatened me with a 25-30 year sentence if I went to a trial by jury -- and were to loose.

I was told that federal prosecutors won 96% of their drug cases, so when offered a 7 - 9 year plea bargain, I accepted.

A month before sentencing, my court-appointed attorney told me that my pre-sentence report had been completed and the prosecutors were asking for a life sentence. I had not assisted the Government.

At sentencing, even the prosecutor who had offered the 7-9 year plea agreement was arguing for a life sentence. The judge decided upon a 20 year sentence, followed by 5 years of supervised release.

As it stands now, I will urinating in a cup until I am 67 years old.