Vincent Ramirez -- #55067-097

20 Years -- Cocaine Conspiracy

Vincent Ramirez, prisoner of the drug war
My name is Vincent Ramirez. I am a native of Bakersfield, California. I have been incarcerated for 9 years for cocaine conspiracy. I was arrested by police on May 10, 1991, observed leaving the apartment of a person who is addicted to cocaine with some bags. I was pulled over by police, and if I had known the law, I would not have sped away.

After my arrest, they searched my apartment and my mother's house. They searched the cocaine addict's apartment by falsely identifying themselves as maintenance men. They searched his apartment without a warrant and found 5 kilos of cocaine in a stereo speaker. They found a similar speaker in my apartment and said the cocaine was mine because the speaker matched the one in the other apartment with the cocaine.

I attempted to plead guilty to reduce my sentence, but counsel refused to enter my plea. It is ineffective counsel to deny me the right to plead guilty. Five kilograms of powder cocaine was found. I should have been sentenced to 5 years, not 20. I also wonder about a failure to establish proper jurisdiction since the local authorities turned me over to federal authorities. I should be going home by now, but I have no attorney to litigate a simple petition. I thank you for your time, and upon my liberty, I will continue to read your newspaper.