Lidia Ramos -- #66248-004

10 Years -- Cocaine Cospiracy

Lidia Ramos, prisoner of the drug war
My Last Dance - OOPS! I Mean My Last Chance

Yes, this is my last chance in the federal courts, and my last chance to get a sentence reduction pursuant to a §2255.

I need assistance from a paralegal, bona-fide attorney, jailhouse lawyer, law student, or a private investigator to help me prove in court, that my trial attorney failed me when he advised me to talk to federal agents in order to get out on bond. Later, that testimony was used against me during my trial.

I was 22 years old, and fell in love with a 32 year old man; a former friend. Due to a layoff from Argentinean Airlines, I was unemployed, so he asked me to baby-sit his child. When I dropped off his child at a relative's, he was there, and asked if I could drop his rented car at a nearby shopping center. I didn't ask any questions, because I had no reason to be suspicious.

On the way, I was arrested. There were 10 kilograms of cocaine in the car.

All the other people involved were either dismissed from the case (for 'cooperation'), or escaped. I was truthful, and exercised my constitutional right to a trial.

I lost my trial, due to the aforementioned ineffective counsel, and received a sentence of 10 years without parole.

I later lost all my appeals, and am on my last legal remedy. I hope telling my story will lead to legal assistance to fight for a fair and just sentence. Please write me, and thanks in advance.