Robert Michael Saf -- #04760-030

10 Years -- Marijuana/Methamphetamine Conspiracy

Robert Michael Saf, prisoner of the drug war
[Pictured: Robert Saf (left) with Lawrence Main]

I am a father to four beautiful children, husband and electrician who loves fishing, camping and my fellow man. I am serving 10 years in federal prison for a conspiracy to distribute marijuana and methamphetamine in Iowa. Although there were no drugs in my case and the "kingpin" told the judge that I never bought or sold any of his drugs, I did plead guilty to knowledge of the overt act. I had seen this man cut 8 oz. into 15 oz. and sell it, so I was held accountable for a pound of methanphetamine that I neither bought nor sold, or profited from.

The leader of the drug conspiracy received 9 years with a downward departure for his cooperation in giving substantial assistance and the dealer got immunity from prosecution for his testimony. I got the most prison time.

When I arrived in prison I was sure that I was the only one doing time for such bizarre circumstances, but I have found that over half the people I talk to are doing time for "no drug conspiracies". It is commonplace for a person to be convicted on words alone -- no drugs.


Just wanting to let you know that the inmates here at Sandstone are alive and raising hell. There are a few issues I'd like to get out in the open.

Last December, I was put in the hole and lost many privileges for alcohol; .05 to be exact. Last week, our kitchen foreman stood on the serving line roaring drunk. He cussed inmates, slurred in our food, and knocked the same water glass over 3 times in front of me. Not only was he drunk, but was extremely rude and obscene. Nothing happened to him for his actions. "One of the BOP's finest"

Medical care is at an all time low here at the rock. Two inmates have died here since I arrived in '95. I am afraid several more may if we are not allowed proper medical attention. We are diagnosed and treated by P.A.'s. Only occasionally do we see a doctor, and then he is a clone. Saving money is the # 1 priority for Medical Services at Sandstone, not saving lives.

Our old Captain and staff got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They were padding overtime hours and had conduct unbecoming of an officer. We all thought they were fired. Now we find out they were transferred and mildly demoted for their actions.

These people are drunks, drug addicts, thieves, and lazy ,shiftless liars. We have to depend on them for our meals, health, and welfare.

There are asbestos covered pipes, lead paint is chipping off the walls, and the water is over-chlorinated. We live in a death house with a Nazi staff laughing all the way. I have asbestos and lead paint samples that they say don't exist.

About six months ago, I quit writing and complaining. The answers I got back from the BOP staff were a joke. In 3 short years, they have worn me down. The courts are a farce; the government is phony and corrupt. Things keep getting worse, both in here, and out there.

We can't change things from in here. You have to do it from out there, before you end up in here with us!