Kevin Savoie -- #05562-041

8 Years -- Methamphetamine Conspiracy

Hello, my name is Kevin Savoie, I'm 38 years old. I have 3 wonderful children and an 8 year prison term keep me away from them. My story follows:

In February of 1992 I was taking care of a trailer for a friend that had moved to the city. It was on my property and empty. An acquaintance of mine introduced me to a friend of his . . . this friend had recently been arrested on a 3rd offense for manufacturing methamphetamine. When I was introduced to him, this bit of information had been kept a secret of course. The guy was down and out and needed a place to stay until he could get on his feet. I had the empty trailer so I let him move into it. Unknown to me, he immediately started manufacturing meth.

The following August, Federal agents kicked in my front door and carted me off to jail where I was charged with conspiracy to manufacture and attempted manufacture of methamphetamine. I made bond and awaited trial.

Three days into my trial my bond was revoked for intimidating a person I'd known for years -- a person that was indeed a drug dealer. I'd had no contact with this man whatsoever. It was then discovered that it was this man that would testify in court that I was a drug dealer.

My lawyer begged me to plead guilty. He told my wife, my brother and myself that he could get me 2 to 4 years if I were to plead guilty and if we went to trial -- I would loose. I took my counsel's advice.

The 2 to 4 years became 8 years -- an 8 year sentence for something I had no knowledge of. My kids have lost their father, I have lost my wife and the job that I had for 18 years.

The man that was manufacturing methamphetamine on my property received 6 years and served 3 1/2 years of his sentence. My so-called friend that had introduced me to this man had been facing charges and this entire scheme had been set up so that he could receive a lighter sentence on drug charges he was facing. He served 27 months.

I'm down for 8 years because of government entrapment and haven't seen my family for almost five years. This is justice in America?