Paula Strothers -- #40278-004

16 Years in Prison

Hello, my name is Paula Strothers, I've been illegally incarcerated for four years and seven months, my circumstances occurred in South Florida.

I was prompted to write you after I was sent the November issue of "The Razor Wire" upon reading an article concerning the judge William J. Zlach who sentenced me.

I've enclosed my story; you have my permission to publish it in whole or in part.

Judge William J. Zloch, realized after all the time I've spent incarcerated that he never had jurisdiction to convict me in his courtroom but failed to issue an immediate release order, I hope your organization, or someone out there will read my story, and help me.

I've enclosed supporting documentation. I even went as far as filing a 42 USC 1983 in order to secure my release, and sue for penitive and actual damages, because I didn't have another choice. I've been in the appeals court one year and 6 months and they've failed to rule and give relief. I've filled for default twice in the eleventh circuit court in Atlanta Georgia.

I greatly appreciate all your doing for the movement towards eliminating disparities in the justice system, as well as exposing the plights of the unfortunate victims. Un-informed society and the prisoners.

Thank you for your time


Hello my name is Paula Strothers, and I'm writing your organization because I wish to enlighten you, and in the process educate the American public.

We as native born people must demand a halt to judicial tyrannical behavior. We as the people must cease tolerance of bureaucrats who refuse to acknowledge the constitution and the rights of the people.

For years we've alienated our God-given rights the freedom to make choices, those do not violate any group or person is not unlawful.

The right to bear arms for the explicit purpose of protection should not be infringed by the government.

It's an elaborate deception that seizes the unalienable rights of citizens all in the name of a drug war as well. The war is really on minorities, and taxpayers that finance this farce.

Power exceeds nothing without a demand. I'm for the return of power to and for the people.

The government is headed for destruction at a rapid pace; mis-placed values and hypocrisy are just a few elements, which are blatantly displayed by our nation leaders. Whatever happened to our constitution, the foundation of our land?

The people in office are public servants, do they need to be reminded, and I believe so.

Since when should a citizen be told that they no longer have the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances? Amendment one guarantees this.

Whatever happened to amendment five where no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

Does the American public realize how may people are wrongfully incarcerated, without adequate representation, or no representation at all?

Amendment six states the district wherein the crime shall have been committed, shall have been previously ascertained by law, and amendment ten states the power not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the people.

I've been detained illegally for four years and six months. The judge that sentenced me admitted twice that he never had jurisdiction, but refused to release me from incarceration, he dismissed me just for the record.

I'm engaged in bureaucratic warfare. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals for a year and six months has failed to rule and give relief.

My incarceration is meaningless, and there is no reason to validate error.

Everyone must answer to someone. How about the American public, shouldn't they be informed? How many innocent people are convicted each day in the Southern District of Florida, Ft. Lauderdale in front of Judge William J. Loch? There's really no way I can answer that question, I can only expose his abuse of authority.

I will not tolerate the government's intrusion into my life and seizure of my unalienable rights.

Whoever heard of sentencing an individual to fifteen years and eight months in prison for carrying a gun in a purse?

Whoever heard of a federal judge upon admitting that no federal crime existed, insisting on an individual completing an illegal sentence.

The picture is perfectly clear, we the American public must speak up before it's too late. We must make these officials accountable for their actions, its our duty how long will it take before the police seize you from your home, car, or any public area and place you in a federal prison without due process or the jurisdiction to do so?

Whatever happened to ethics in governments?

I appreciate any support from people who still believe in our constitution, whether it is moral, financial or legal in nature.

If you have a publication I would like to appear on the pages, and I would also greatly appreciate any information, resource list, or publication you provide the public, about your organization or other subjects.

Thank you for your time and support