Sean Twaits -- #880994

8 Years -- LSD Conspiracy

I have been in prison since February 2, 1996. A lot of my life is simply gone. I was arrested in Texas for an outstanding warrant in Indiana for the sale of LSD.

I followed the tour of the Grateful Dead and was part of the Rainbow Family. I've been harassed across America -- you know the ordeal: they search you, the car, ask you where the drugs are and threaten you with dope dogs.

I never thought of the other end of it all -- when you get sent to prison.

I have not only lost all the freedom I ever had -- but lost contact with my father because he is mad at his son for selling drugs.

I didn't realize that there were people out there who are willing to stand up and say there needs to be a change. When I was in county jail there was a man who cut a woman in two with his truck. He got 4 years -- will do 2.

I was sentenced to 8 years.