Lawrence "Pierre" Williams -- #25599-013

50 Years -- Drug Conspiracy

Lawrence Williams, prisoner of the drug war
To the caring and concerned,

The last thing I remember, was the sun closing down. Living in a room of darkness. My life was overpowered by what's soon to be a painful nightmare that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I became a P.O.W. #25599-013, resident federal prison expiration date, the conclusion of 240 months, plus 360 months, plus 60 months after I finish my prison term. Restrained from any chance of being there for my children. When they need me the most. I now live in a world of rule and more rules.

Degraded and humiliated depending upon the mood of your opressors. Confined in a world of savage sickness, loneliness and an on going everlasting struggle. I've become very expensive stock for the federal stock market. "job security" that's what it's known as. A close friend of mine named Isaiah Patrick Jones Fidel "Cadillac" Garner: Greg Lance Hall, Keith "Domino" McDonald slipped and fell and the federal government helped them up. So now they owe the government. All of this information is public information.

But what do they have to offer in exchange for their freedom? Nothing? Wrong! They offer the government their souls! Their heart: their dignity; their pride, their manhood, their honesty, their friends, their loyalty. Their life, most important me. At any cost, by any and all means necessary. Trained in government testifying tactics, fully equipped with highly sophisticated language with coercion and a green light to and for commitment to commit perjury.

And an immunity letter to assure them freedom against prosecution for admitting that they committed several crimes. They became "snitch for hire" a government agent. Powerful with no worries a license to do whatever they want. The government is behind them, ready to wash away the dirty laundry. Victimized by the same creation of one or should I say several of the government's proteges. I was charged in an eighteen count indictment. I was found guilty by a jury of not of my peers, of six counts. Count one was a conspiracy to distribute cocaine and cocaine base "crack."

The other five counts were distribution counts used to enhance the sentencing guidelines with relevant conduct. A first-time nonviolent offender accused of drug charges, to receive such a harsh sentence. When there are killers and babyrapers who are given two to three years, then return to our communities and repeat the same crime and end up only receiving five years. Then after kidnapping me and sentencing me to thirty-five years in prison, I sit here and read how these sex offenders are getting off. Then they turn around and put me in prison with these child molesters,, rapists and you expect me to remain normal as if nothing has happened. How do they think that makes us feel? Or do they even care how we feel? I don't understand how this could be justice!! My question is this? Justice for who?

During jury trial, the jury never even know that they are sending people to prison for thirty or twenty years. They have no idea. And when they find out they fell sad and wish that they hadn't found the person guilty. Here I reside, until some of these laws are reformed. With your help some of us have a chance. But, we will never know if you don't at least try. Our people are under siege whether you like it or not. So, please get involved before it's to late.

One of these days it could be one of your children, or loved ones. At least you have a chance to prevent this from happening to your family, we were not so lucky. "we never saw them coming"!. So, until then I'll continue to breathe without breath, my heart will continue to cry lonely broken tears, until I become one with my children and family. Inside I cry the tears of wounded warrior, yet my face remains dry and my fight is on going. Because "God" tells me "there is light at the end of this tunnel, that loom of darkness will be forever sunshine in your life for eternity".

If you have any information or any uplifting words and support please feel free to share them with us. With programs like family and friends of prisoners, FAMM or Razor Wire. We have vigil to gain leverage. Together we can make a change, they can ignore one of us, but never all of us.

The under life were the light was once so dim, darkens the world so grim. Suffocated and invaded by mans time, it has no boundaries.The camellian of life deceives the natural minds curiosity Cultivated by 1ife's tragedies, animated wealth, factisious Dreams in America's nightmare my people screams. Trapped beneath the surface of frozen ice, visualizing a toxic world through blurry eyes.

The future remains isolated and time repeats itself, for everyday is the same day.