Michael A. Wood -- #27141-053

25 Years -- Crack Cocaine Conspiracy

Michael Wood, prisoner of the drug war
Here is my story -- I was renting C. Jackson a room. Fuentes was a drug supplier for Jackson.

Jackson, Fuentes and I were on police surveillance and for an entire day shift, they watched my home and kept track of my whereabouts. Agents arrested Fuentes on the road, after he sold cocaine base to Jackson and had left my home.

I arrived home a half an hour later. About 10 minutes later the agents decided to execute their warrant. They knocked on the door and Jackson left through a ground floor window, leaving everything behind.

Jackson was never arrested and I was charged with the crime and sentenced to 24 and 1/2 years for conspiracy to distribute cocaine base, possession with intent to distribute cocaine base and possession of firearms in relation to a drug trafficking crime.

I am held too far from my family to receive visits and attempt after attempt to be moved closer to them has failed. I have been in prison since 1989 and my appeal attempts have failed.