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Get on the Soapbox!

You don't really have to "get on" a soapbox to speak out for social change. But the November Coalition has adopted the historical phrase once used by labor organizers who stood at street corners on empty soapboxes to shout their message. We don't want you to stand on a soapbox -- just stand beside it.

A box of November's Soap for Change can help you or your group to develop a local budget for meeting expenses of your activist work. By standing beside your box of soap, by selling bars of natural soap, you help support November Coalition yourself and volunteers nationwide.

Coalition staff and advisors know that mounting expenses of volunteer work can limit or prevent you from adding to demands already made on your leadership or support roles. "Getting on the Soapbox" can mean group income for copying expenses, traveling costs and conference fees, bills that activists often struggle to pay out-of-pocket.

"Getting on the Soapbox" can mean extra income for individuals, too. Whether purchased by group or person, each bulk sale order of November's Soap for Change supports important grassroots work.

Some community groups don't struggle to raise money, and they may choose to donate all sale-proceeds of November's Soap for Change back to the organization to support the work of other volunteers. Soap for Change sales donated back to November Coalition helps purchase displays like you can see pictured here, and provided to active volunteers with limited means to reimburse the Coalition.

"When my brother went to prison for a drug offense years ago," Nora Callahan explains, "I couldn't have afforded to buy a display to use at public events and forums. There weren't any displays available to purchase, and it was years before I felt I knew enough about making a display to tackle it. One purpose of becoming a formal organization in 1997 was to create an expanding network of people who would gladly teach others -- each one, teach one style -- if given up-to-date information to share that's presented in creative ways."

Sharing information at places in local communities while also selling a natural product that funds volunteer work is one way to begin yours. You might be looking to energize or grow your existing group by introducing a new project and fundraising opportunity -- rolled into one. Hundreds of people have "tabled" for the November Coalition. Now, Soap for Change helps create unique fundraising options for active volunteers in any community.

We want everyone on a soapbox. But don't stand on it -- stand beside it! Some people "get on" the soapbox while "tabling;" others get on the box just selling soap to friends, family and local retail stores.

We want lots of people on the soapbox. Here's how it works!

If you or your group wants a box of soap, send $37.50 plus $12.00 shipping and handling, and your contact information, or order online via PayPal, using the form provided here.

November Coalition is also offering "seed grants" to volunteers, allied groups and our members who can't afford start-up costs of an effective public educational display. These groups should also be interested in fundraising for their local group. To apply, fill-out and submit this online application.

As a grantee or purchaser of a "Soap Box," you'll receive 30 bars of November's Natural Soap for Change in a display box like you see pictured above. Inside each label of soap, people will find an invitation to join November Coalition.

We recommend selling each bar of soap for $3 to $4. If you sell all 30 bars at $3 apiece, your tabling group would receive $90 plus any tabling donations. If you re-order from us, we'll ship 30 bars of "Soap for Change" at a cost of $37.50, plus $12.00 shipping and handling. You or your group can retain $40.50 to put toward costs of your local activism.

If you own a retail store, we can make a box of "Soap for Change" available for your customers. All profits from bulk sales of "Soap for Change," and November's Natural Soap found in retail stores and online at support the work of the November Coalition Foundation!

Get on the Soapbox with November's Natural Soap for Change. For more on how you can use one of the November Coalition's "Family Albums," in a public educational table, please review November's Projects and Campaigns, and How to Table instructions from our Bottoms Up: Guide to Grassroots Activism.

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