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Prisoner Abuse - When November Coalition members viewed photos of abuse of Iraqi prisoners, many of us knew that they would become 'iconic' and perhaps, as with other iconic photos, move a nation to action. We also knew that the abuse was born in U.S. prisons. Learn how you can join with others working to stop the abuse of prisoners at home and U.S inspired prison abuse throughout the world.
The Informant System and the War on Drugs - "There is increasing evidence that our criminal system often convicts the innocent. Criminal informants, or "snitches," play a prominent role in this wrongful conviction phenomenon. The criminal system, however, is heavily dependent on snitches, particularly in connection with the investigation and prosecution of drug offenses, and police and prosecutors are often not well-positioned to know when their informants are lying." from Beyond Unreliable: How Snitches Contribute to Wrongful Convictions, by Alexandra Natapoff, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA
Sentencing Reform & Blakely/Booker/Fanfan News
ReEntry Reform - For a prisoner nearing release from custody, one set of problems will soon replace another. From being watched and scheduled every minute of every day, the newly released prisoner enters a fast world of choices and more locked doors. From monotonous prison routine, the released prisoner looks at re-entering 'society' as might an alien traveler who is completely unfamiliar with life on Earth. Learn more about this compelling collateral damage of the war on drugs, and what people are doing to change re-entry laws at local, state and federal levels.
Meth Madness - This web section is intended as a counterpoint to the current media-driven hysteria around the "Meth Epidemic", which is NOT supported by statistical data.
Crack vs. Powder Cocaine - End Crack and Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparities: It's Not Fair -- It's Not Working! Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are different forms of the same drug. Federal law, however, sets a 100 to 1 sentencing disparity between the two forms. Even though 66% of crack users are white, blacks make up more than 80% of federal defendants sentenced for crack cocaine offenses. No other federal law is more responsible for gross racial disparities in the federal criminal justice system.
A Random History of Alcohol Prohibition - The "Great Experiment" of the early 20th Century was an unmitigated disaster, yet her we are, less than 100 years later, making the same calamitous mistakes in the War on (some) Drugs. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- philosopher George Santayana

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