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The home office may be able to provide other specific information, but we do not offer legal or financial assistance. With two million prisoners, we cannot meet the demand of so many loved ones individually, or assist with research.

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Visit our Events Calendar for a regularly updated schedule of Drug Policy and Criminal Justice Reform events across the nation and around the world.

Join the November Announcement E-List - This is a low-volume one-way e-mail list covering news items of special importance, details for November Coalition and other events, and specific information for our membership.

You may also join our higher-volume November Discussion Group E-List, where family members of drug war prisoners and others enjoy discussing common issues of concern.

Major Studies and Research Reports on Drug Policy and Incarceration.

Visit Dean Becker's Drug Truth Network, featuring The 4:20 News, Century of Lies and Cultural Baggage for live and archived webcasts. Regularly features Nora Callahan of the November Coalition.

There are many well-established and emerging organizations and groups of citizens that have services, projects and web resources that you can access on the internet. It is our intent to assist you by providing web links under the following categories. If you find an inactive link, or would like to include a link that is not listed, please feel free to e-mail us.

AlterNet's DrugReporter: Special Coverage of the Drug War and related issues.

Truth: The Anti-Drug War - a vast compilation of facts & figures by privatre citizen Brian C. Bennett is a "place for families and friends on the outside, created to be an online community that is specifically designed for families and friends of inmates; inmates; themselves and anyone looking for information, news, and support regarding prisons or prison related issues. Also features blogs and forums.

Prison Talk OnLine - A Prisoner Family Support, Information & Assistance Community Online, featuring forums on a wide variety of prison related issues. Find others in your area to organize, educate, or just lend support to each other.

Illicit Drug Policies: Selected Laws from the 50 States is the first comprehensive guide to illicit drug laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Also available in PDF or ZIP Format.

State by State Corrections Statistics; from The National Institute of Corrections

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Selected Books on Drug Policy and Criminal Justice Reform

Unnacceptable Losses: A photo essay of the war on drugs

Other Drug Policy Groups and Resources - Common Sense for Drug Policy maintains a comprehensive list of organizations concerned with drug policy from both sides of the debate.

Working to end drug war injustice

Meet the People Behind The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines

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