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Man Serving Three Life Terms for Drug Deal Pins Hopes on Clemency from Obama; from Fox News (US), 6/2/09

The Fall of the Presidential Pardon; from Truthout (US), 4/2/09

State Targets Women's Prison In Medical Lake For Closure; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 12/24/08

Free Days For Richard Paey; from Tampa Bay Online (FL), 11/1/08

Poll Finds Broad Support for Doing Away with Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Nonviolent Offenders; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 9/26/08

To Snitch Or Not To Snitch? That is the Unanswered Question; from (US), 7/7/08

SOA Protest Weekend Combines Elements Of Flea Market And Activism; from National Catholic Reporter (US), 12/5/07

Set in Steel: Prison Life Without Parole; from (US), 11/28/07

Pardoned Man Thankful To Be With Loved Ones; from Tampa Tribune (FL), 11/23/07

Richard Paey Speaks; from Reason Online (US Web), 11/20/07

New, Less Severe Federal Crack Cocaine Sentencing Guidelines Go Into Effect, But Will They Be Retroactive? from Drug War Chronicle (US), 11/2/07

Supreme Court Weighs Arguments on Limits of Judicial Discretion in Sentencing; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 10/5/07

Notes From [Seattle] Hempfest; from CounterPunch (US Web), 8/26/07

Tight-Lipped 'Granny' Dies in Prison; from News & Observer (NC), 8/17/07

Snitching in the Spotlight: House Committee Holds Hearing on Informant Abuses; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 8/3/07

'Stop Snitching' Group Hoping To Clarify Message; from NBC Action News, Kansas City (MO), 7/30/07

[LTE] Stop Snitchin' Movement; from Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA), 6/3/07

US Sentencing Commission Announces Reduction in Crack Cocaine Sentences; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 5/4/07

Among Architects, a Prison Design Boycott Gains Steam; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 4/6/07

Clamor Grows for Freedom for Texas Marijuana Prisoner Tyrone Brown; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 12/15/06

Drug Reform And The Democratic Congress: What's Going To Happen? from Drug War Chronicle (US), 12/8/06

Plan Aims To Cut Recidivism; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 9/17/06

Bipartisan Group of US Senators Introduce Bill to Reduce Cocaine Sentencing Disparities; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 7/28/06

Plight Of Blacks A 'Silent Cancer'; from Rockford Register Star, 6/30/06

Among Whites, Imprisoning Drug Users a Minority Opinion, Survey Finds; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 6/16/06

Activists Also Get A Hearing Downtown; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 4/18/06

Inmate's Calls To Cost Less; from Spokesman-Review (WA), 4/16/06

Pumped Up in Florida; from Access Press (MN), 3/17/06

Despite Supreme Court Ruling Throwing Out Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Federal Drug Sentences Keep Getting Longer; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 3/24/06

Column: That Plea Deal Doesn't Look So Bad Now; from Tampa Tribune (FL), 2/12/06

Ex-Hammonton Man Takes Drug Arrest Story To '60 Minutes'; from Press Of Atlantic City (NJ), 1/31/06

In the Wake of Booker, Some Small Relief for a Small Fraction of Federal Crack Cocaine Offenders; from Drug War Chronicle (US), 1/13/06

LTE: Are Drug Courts The Answer? from Spokesman-Review (WA), 1/28/05

Nora Callahan featured on Cultural Baggage: part of The DrugTruth Network - January 25, 2005 episode (Mp3 Format - RealPlayer Format)

Christmas Letter To A Prisoner; from Capital Times (WI), 12/21/05

'Two Million is Too Many' Prison Rally Lays Groundwork for More, Better Collaboration; from The Drug War Chronicle (US Web), 8/19/05

November Coalition performs at 1st Annual SpoCannabis Rally; May 7, 2005, Spokane, WA

The November Coalition: Draft of a Submission, by Kenneth Mentor, J.D., Ph.D. to be included in the Encyclopedia of Corrections, edited by Mary Bosworth; Posted March 2005

Two Million Is Too Many!; from The Drug War Chronicle (US Web), 7/8/05

August 5, 2005 - Drug War Chronicle (US Web); Prison Protest Aiming for DC in Eight Days; from Drug War Chronicle (US Web), 8/5/05

July 12, 2005 - The Orlando Sentinel (FL); LTE: Drug Profits, By John Chase

May 27, 2005 - Drug War Chronicle (US Web); Federal Bill to Rein in Anti-Drug Task Forces Introduced in Response to Tulia Scandal

May 12, 2005 - The Spokesman_Review (WA); Roundtable: Jail Solutions A Thing Of The Past, by Nora Callahan

April 22, 2005, Drug War Chronicle (US Web); House Conservatives Pushing Bill to "Fix" Sentencing, Increase Mandatory Minimums, Create New Drug Crimes

April 6, 2005, Mountain Xpress (NC); Failed Drug War Won't Protect Our Children

February 2, 2005,; A Crack in the Wall

January 14, 2005, The Drug War Chronicle (US Web), Editorial: Make No Mistake, by Dave Borden, Executive Director, DRCNet

December 29, 2004, The New York Amsterdam News, Fighting For Reform: Bronx Woman Victorious In Fight Against Rockefeller Drug Laws

November 12, 2004, The Drug War Chronicle (US Web), Prospects for Drug Reform at the Federal Level During the Next Four Years

September 23, 2004, Reno News & Review (NV): Bikers Bedeviled

September 12, 2004, The Spokesman-Review (WA): New Jail, Courtrooms On Stevens County Ballot

September 1, 2004, SNITCH: Savannah (US Web) - The Sky's The Limit: Savannah Woman Helps Former Female Inmates

August 2004, Con-tact News - A Changing World, Unending Imprisonment, And Hope, by Nora Callahan

August 27, 2004, The Pacific Daily News - LTE: Mandatory Minimums Didn't Cause Crime Drop

August 10, 2004, The Idaho Observer - The November Coalition

June 4, 2004, The Drug War Chronicle (US Web) - Jail and Prison Population at an All-Time High

January 29, 2004, The Spokesman-Review (WA) - Bill Would Reduce Inmates' Phone Fees

November 26, 2003, The Statesman-Examiner (Colville, WA) - Report Claims New Jail Imperative; (front page)

November 19, 2003, The Spokesman-Review (WA) - Support for New Jail Lukewarm

October 13, 2003, The Michigan Citizen - Reformers Challenge Preachers: 'Protect People, Stop Drug War' (Journey for Justice coverage)

July 18, 2003 - Amarillo Globe-News (TX) - Elephant Remains Cozy in Living Room; by TNC Advisor John Chase

May 22, 2003 - Las Vegas Mercury (NV) - Cover story: The Natives aren't Restless; by Andrew Kiraly

April 11, 2003 - The Austin Chronicle (TX) - Happenings: Naked City. (Journey for Justice announcement)

Feb 19, 2003 - Savannah Morning News (GA) - Speaker: War on Drugs is a Hoax (Journey for Justice coverage)

Feb 17, 2003 - Savannah Morning News (GA) - Speaker Supports Alternatives to the War on Drugs (Journey for Justice coverage)

Feb 12, 2003 - Valencia Source (FL) - Legalizing Marijuana: The Dividing Line (Journey for Justice coverage)

Feb 11, 2003 - Rational Review Online: The War on Drugs and the Jury Box, by Mary Lou Seymour (Journey for Justice coverage)

Feb 11, 2003 - Criminal Justice Forum Radio Show with host Frank Kopczynski, featuring Nora Callahan, Chuck Armsbury and John Chase of the November Coalition. Windows Media Player required. (Journey for Justice coverage)

Jan 25, 2003 - Valdosta Daily Times (GA) - Unitarian Universalist Church hosts opponent of the "War on Drugs" (Journey for Justice coverage)

Dec 23, 2002 - Los Angeles Weekly (CA) - The Terror War on Drugs: The Martyrdom of Steve Treleaven, by Duncan Campbell

Nov 26, 2002 - The Chronicle (NC Edu) - Robert Morris -Forum Addresses Injustice Of Drug Laws

Nov 13, 2002 - South Bend Tribune (MI) - Adam Jackson - Rallying Once More: Supporters Remember Rainbow Farm Shooting Victims Crosslin, Rohm (Journey for Justice coverage)

Nov 7, 2002 - Alternet (Web) - Kevin Zeese - Activism Against the US Drug Gulag Grows - (Journey for Justice coverage)

Nov 1, 2002 - DRCNet (Web) - Phil Smith - November Coalition Roadshow Hits East Coast - (Journey for Justice coverage)

Oct 31, 2002 - Trenton Times (NJ) - Drug Forum Topics Examine Race, Family (Journey for Justice coverage)

Oct 31, 2002 - Press Release (Washington, DC) - Kevin Zeese - Four that Didn't Get Caught -(Journey for Justice coverage)

Oct 18, 2002 - DRCNet (Web) - Phil Smith - November Coalition Journey for Justice Roars through Michigan - (Journey for Justice coverage)

Oct 17, 2002 - DrugWar (Web) - Nora Callahan - The Law Made You a Criminal - (Journey for Justice coverage)

Oct 16, 2002 - Metro Times (MI) - Sarah Klein - Saying No to the War on Drugs (Journey for Justice coverage)

Oct 9, 2002 - The South End (Wayne State University, MI) - Stacey Robinson - Students Tackle War on Drugs (Journey for Justice coverage)

Oct 7, 2002 - Capital Times (WI) - Samara Kalk Derby - Pot Festival Draws 400

Oct 4, 2002 - DRCNet (Web) - Phil Smith - Federal Parole Bill Orphaned with Death of Sole Sponsor - Activists, Prisoners Look to Other Bills, Other Sponsors

Oct 4, 2002 - DRCNet (Web) - Phil Smith - The November Coalition Hits the Road - (Journey for Justice coverage)

Oct 3, 2002 - Detroit News (MI) - Police Cheif Jerry Oliver - It's Time to Rethink Drug War Strategy

Sep 20, 2002 - DRCNet (Web) - Phil Smith - Rep. Mink Introduces Bill to Reinstate Federal Parole

Aug 29, 2002 - Missoula Independent (MT) - Nick Davis - Piece De Resistance

Aug 21, 2002 - Queen Anne and Magnolia News (WA) - Russ Zabel - Pot Pride In Myrtle Edwards Park

Aug 9, 2002 - DrugWar (Web) - Daniel Forbes - The Mouse That Roared: Calling for an End to the War on Drugs

Aug 8, 2002 - The Guardian (UK) - Duncan Campbell - Bush Tars Drug Takers With Aiding Terrorists

Mar 24, 2002 - Spokesman-Review (WA) - Chuck Armsbury - Education Not Incarceration

Mar 7, 2002 - San Diego Union Tribune (CA) - Marisa Taylor - Prosecutors Say Man Supplied Chemicals

Jul 15, 2001 - Wisconsin State Journal (WI) - Natasha Kassulke - Battling The War On Drugs

Jul 6, 2001 - LA Weekly (CA) - Series - This Is Your Country on Drugs

May 2001 - Seventeen Magazine - Gayle Forman - The Drug War's Casualties

Apr 2, 2001 - Los Angeles Times (CA) - Richardson, Lisa - A Prisoner's Plea to a President

Mar 23, 2001 - Times Record (ME) - Cannon, Arthur - Two More Myths of the Drug War

Mar 21, 2001 - San Francisco Chronicle (CA) - Hatfield, Larry - Drug War Approach Seen As Utter Failure

Mar 11, 2002 - Rebel Yell Magazine (NV) - Vegas judge brings compassion to drug war; by Lewis Whitten

Jan 20, 2001 - Associated Press - Clinton Pardon List

Dec 24, 2000 - Spokesman Review - Drug War Opponents Hail Pardons of 2 Women

Dec 19, 2000 - Los Angeles Times - Richardson, Lisa - Season of Hope

Nov 11, 2000 - Charolotte Creative Loafing - Smith/Fish - Prohibition In Their Prime

Oct 9, 2000 - AlterNet (Web) - Smith/Fish - How the Drug War Harms, Not Helps, Our Kids

Sep 2000 - Essence Magazine - Newsome, Melba - Hard Time

Jun 4, 2000 - Arizona Daily Star (Syndicated Article) - Huffington, Arianna - The War on Drugs, a Failed, Fanaticl Pursuit

June 2000 - Redbook Magazine - Decarlo, Teresa - Why Your Child Could End Up in Jail

Jun 1, 2000 - North Colombia Monthly (WA) - Harrison, Mark - Major News Affiliates Calling Colville About Drugs

Jun 2, 2000 - San Diego Union Tribune - Huffington, Arianna - America's War On Drugs Or Its Citizens?

May 2000 - Marie Claire Magazine - Herbst, Ann Colin - I Am Wrongly Imprisoned For 19 Years

Feb 17, 2000 - Guardian Weekly (UK) - Campbell, Duncan - US Jails Two Millionth Inmate

Feb 15, 2000 - Los Angeles Times - Katz, Jesse - A Nation of Too Many Prisoners

Feb 28, 2000 - Newsweek Magazine - Cose, Ellis - Locked Away and Forgotten

Nov 1999- Reason Magazine - It Is Time To Admit The War On Drugs Has Failed

June 1999- Playboy Magazine - Petersen, James - Snitch Culture

Oct 5, 1999 - Cape Cod Times (MA) - Gonsalves, Sean - A Letter to Barbara Bush

May 20, 1999 - Hartford Advocate (CT) - Krayeske, Ken - Pot Politics

May 16, 1999 - Seattle Times (WA) OPed - Early, Glenn - Where's Public Outrage over non-violent criminals in jails?

April 2, 1999 - Chicago Tribume - Early, Glenn - Wrong Drug War

Feb 17, 1999 - Rock River Times (IL) - Beresford, John - The Nazi Comparison

Winter 1998 - On The Issues Magazine - Szalavitz, Maia - War On Drugs, War On Women

November 1998 - Speakers Attack War on Drugs; from The Indiana Daily Student (IN)

July 1998 - Hemp Magazine - Lake, Richard - Hemp Aid 98

May 1998 - Hemp Magazine - Callahan, Nora - Casualties of War

April 1998 - High Times Magazine - Wishnia, Steven - A Voice for Prisoner's of the Drug War

Dec 1997 - Playboy Magazine - Bovard, James - Time Out for Justice

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