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Welcome! Some of the projects featured below require teamwork, others you can work by yourself. Please review the summaries listed below, then visit a complete description with instructions. If you have any questions, each page will give you an opportunity to address your concerns to the person best suited to give you an answer. Working to end drug war injustice -- thank you for visiting this important section of our website!

Updated for 2008! You, as an individual, can educate hundreds, even thousand of people with a simple commitment of time and human energy. November Coalition's Bottoms Up, A Guide to Grassroots Activism,, will teach you how to begin using that commitment of time. Learn how you can change the way people think about the issue of drug war imprisonment, and drug war injustice.

No New Prisons - The United States hasn't always been the world's leading jailer, and now that we are, we aren't any safer than before. New jails are being built in the middle of urban areas, disguised as sky-scraping office buildings while new prisons are built or expanded in rural areas. The prison boom is doom to any community plan that would embrace a sustainable future.

The Drug War -- It's Prisons, Poisons and Environmental Racism is another November Coalition Family Album, an educational exhibit available to small or large groups and organizations that have "public lobby space."

This colorful, visual presentation and companion literature illuminates the intersection of the drug war, prison expansion and global environmental destruction.

In April of 2002 the November Coalition launched a national petition drive and education campaign to build public support for a return to parole or similar policy of earned, early release for federal prisoners. In every Congress since that time there has been a Parole Bill, but the current Congress does not have a bill in support of a return to federal parole.

We are looking for people who will sign the petition online, gather signatures of support, and convince the public and our leaders to support returning federal parole and earned, early release.

 A Family Album: A graphic tabletop display of how the "well-connected" escape drug war injustice while "just plain folks" spend years in prison for similar drug law violations, Four that got away" illustrates the injustice and hypocrisy of the drug war.

Great for public events, or private gatherings -- Also available in a broadside (or brochure)!

Soap for Change, from November's Natural Soaps. A box of November's Soap for Change can help you or your group to develop a local budget for meeting expenses of your activist work. By standing beside your box of soap, by selling bars of natural soap, you help support November Coalition yourself and volunteers nationwide.

November Coalition Multimedia Archive. Featuring movies, music, books and more.

The November Coalition publishes "The Razor Wire" to report on drug policy reform efforts, legislative updates, and news about drug law vigils and meetings. This publication also includes articles from prisoners and others who have been victimized by the war on drugs.

Distribute and contribute to our organization's newspaper! We are always looking for writing that reflects our group's mission and challenges; shares our volunteers' experiences with grassroots activism, and teaches the public about the failure of the war on drugs. To learn how you can get copies for distribution, or contribute as part of the writing team, follow the link provided here.

Changes in national drug policy begin with a local ground swell of awareness, arousal and action. Get to know some of the staff and volunteer leaders of the November Coalition, and adapt ideas for your own local projects.

Inspired by the Argentine Mothers of the Disappeared in the 1970's and the loved ones of Rockefeller Drug law victims in New York city, the November Coalition began the National Vigil Project in 1999.

Two Million, Too Many Vigils captured the imagination of thousands of participants and received national and international press in 2000 -- and the movement to end over-reliance on prisons is becoming nationally established. The November Coalition urges grassroots volunteers to be vigilant - introduce intermittent or regular public demonstrations to your group! November Coalition can help you by providing materials and easy to follow steps to organizing an effective, lawful demonstrations.

The purpose of many features of our website and of our newspaper, The Razor Wire and other published materials, is to show our fellow citizens the human casualties of our national drug prohibition policy. To show that destruction, we share the prisoners' stories, the children's thoughts, in artwork and prose; our anguish no longer hidden in our hearts and behind the walls of prison. Learn how you can contribute to all of our public educational projects.

In communities nationwide, volunteers are leading activities and joining with others to demand legislative reform and the release of the prisoners of the drug war. In these pages you will learn how to find groups of like-minded people in your region, read what activities our leaders are engaged in, and how to go about becoming a November Coalition volunteer where you live.

November Coalition members are always looking for educational methods that work! If you have an idea for a campaign or project - we want to know. Send an e-mail, describing your project idea. In the subject line write: Campaign Idea!

Regional groups and activists can become involved in a project surrounding public support; and as a group project, consider seeking clemency for a prisoner of the drug war from the group's local area. If needed, we can assist in finding a local prisoner for you to sponsor.

Free Richard Paey is one such effort, seeking clemency for pain prisoner Richard Paey, sentenced to 25 years in a Florida prison for "illegal prescriptions".

Criminal Justice Policy Foundation has compiled the first comprehensive, nationwide database providing information on clemency and commutation of sentence.

CAN-Do Foundation: Justice Through Clemency is another example of a citizen action clemency project.

Working to end drug war injustice

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