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Join the November Coalition and receive The Razor Wire. Now a periodical published semi-annually, it reports on activities, projects and campaigns of the November Coalition and covers drug war news from around the globe. Past issues are online.

Join the November Announcement Email-List
This is a low-volume one-way e-mail list covering news items of special importance, details for November Coalition and Journey for Justice events, and other information for our membership.

You may also join our higher-volume November Discussion Group E-List, where family members of drug war prisoners and others discusscommon issues of concern.

Visit November Coalition in the Media for an archive of our members' press coverage. For the latest drug war and prison reform news, visit our Latest News Archive and our Blakely/Booker Archive.

Review Bottoms Up: A Guide to Grassroots Activism, a comprehensive, step-by-step primer in how to educate the public and get the social change you want. Useful for both beginning activists and seasoned organizers, this how-to manual covers topics such as Organizing a Public Event or Private Meeting with Officials, Designing Flyers and Posters, Working with Others, Leading a Demonstration, progressing to Building a Relationship with the Media and Elected Officials. Also included is a generous sampling of artwork, press release examples, educational literature, studies and reports, graphs and displays to share with the public, meeting forms, and other resources for organizers of different levels of skill.

Be involved in one or more November Coalition Projects.

Visit our Events Calendar for a regularly updated schedule of Drug Policy and Criminal Justice Reform events across the nation and the world.

Acquaint yourself with other organizations, and visit our friends in drug law reform. We are careful not to duplicate the efforts of other organizations, and as a grassroots coalition of prisoners and social reformers, our resources (time and money) are limited. The vast expertise and scope of the various drug reform organizations will enable you to stay informed on the ever-changing, many-faceted aspects of the movement.

For regular weekly and daily collections of news items relevant to drug policy, prison, and criminal justice reform, visit these sites and sign up online to have them sent right to your inbox:

The Drug War Chronicle (weekly) - The "World's Leading Drug Policy Newsletter", an original weekly e-zine, with editorials, news items, and timely alerts on legislation and activism.

The DrugSense Weekly Newsletter - If you are concerned about the War on Drugs, sign up for the DrugSense Weekly to become informed and active. "DrugSense Means Education."

The Drug Policy Alliance Newsletter (weekly) - "Envisioning new drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights and a just society in which the fears, prejudices and punitive prohibitions of today are no more."

The Media Awareness Project: Drugnews Digest (several times daily) - The Drugnews-Digest (DND) is a one-way summary and source of current drug-related news. Full articles cited are available on the Media Awareness Project (MAP) web site.

Visit Dean Becker's Drug Truth Network, featuring The 4:20 News, Century of Lies and Cultural Baggage for live and archived webcasts.

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