Two Million Too Many National Vigil Day

Thoughts from Kevin Zeese, President of Common Sense for Drug Policy and advisor to The November Coalition

Bravo to Nora, Tom, November Coalition volunteers, board members and vigil leaders. You all did a fantastic job on February 15th. It is eye-popping to see the extraordinary work you are doing. I am proud to be associated with each of you.

Forty-three VIGILizing cities! Over 30 states! Thousands of people involved nationally, and this is just the beginning. Imagine where we can be next year by building now on this success.

Our efforts to put a public face on opposition to the drug war's reliance on prisons as a method of drug control will be a key deciding factor in ending our government's insane and destructive drug strategy. The fact that people are willing to stand in public and protest a policy that results in 25% of the world's incarcerated population confined in the USA-land of the free-is a bold public statement.

In order to have the most desirable impact, this success needs to be followed by expansion of the vigil project. We need to be consistently out there - on the street - expanding the number of vigils and increasing the numbers of people involved in each vigil.

As my colleague Robert Field says, "We need to go from strength to strength".

Vigils at 43 sites provide an incredible opportunity to learn from our successes, frustrations and failures. This is the time to share experience among ourselves in order to take full advantage of the lessons to be drawn from February 15th- what worked, what didn't?

What drew the media to your vigil? How did the small vigils handle being small, and how small is acceptable? What strategies were most effective at getting people out? What events around the vigil were most effective and least effective-press conferences, forums, parties? Was being part of a national day of vigils important-should we strive for more national vigil days? How long does it take to get a vigil organized?

Please feel encouraged and welcome to share these questions with your family, friends and colleagues in order to get their input.

I know there are other issues that should be discussed which some of you discovered while organizing or participating in a vigil. Now is the time to share our successes and frustrations so we can build this into a national movement that can't be ignored!

Congratulations, once again, to everyone who worked on the Two Million Too Many National Vigil.

National Vigil Project - February 15 Vigils were a huge success. Below are links to each city's photos and reports

Alaska - Fairbanks
Dae Miles

Arizona - Phoenix
Marcella Perrine

California - Los Angeles
Aminah Muhammad

California - Chico
Sharon & Craig North

California - Sacramento
Sacramento FACTS

California - San Francisco
Patty Lynn Neilson

California - San Luis Obispo
J0-D and Tom Dunbar

California - Santa Cruz
Zoe Sodja

California - Stockton
Debra Cannistraci

Colorado - Colorado Springs
Norman Abeyta

Connecticut - New Haven
Elaine Sabatino

Florida - Gainesville
Kay Lee

Illinois - Chicago
Susan Bobby

Illinois - Normal
Further info posted at -

Kentucky - Eddyville
Paula Willett

Massachusetts - Cambridge
Colombia Vive
Kim Hanna

Massachusetts - North Hampton
Carolyn Hyppolite, ,

Missouri - St. Louis
Contact Jeff at:

Minnesota - St. Paul
Jolene Mason

Nevada - Las Vegas
Debbie Dedmon

Nevada - Winnemucca
Don Rogers

New Mexico - Santa Fe
Bruce Bush

New York - Albany
Randy Credico

New York - New York City
Mary Sibley
Kiovanna Rodriguez

North Carolina - Asheville
Debbie Duncan

North Carolina - Charlotte
Carrie Graves

Ohio - Cleveland
Kelly Haber-Ali

Oregon - Portland
Sandee Burbank

South Dakota - Pierre
Bob Newland

Tennessee - Memphis
Laney Kehel

Tennessee - Nashville
Kay Lee

Texas - Austin
Sebastian Williams

Texas - Dallas
Bob Ramsey

Texas - El Paso
Deitra Lied

Texas - Houston
G. Alan Robison

Utah - Salt Lake City
Scott Fife

Utah - Salt Lake City
Mary Ann Johnston pin-btw@juno

Washington - Olympia
Dominic Holden

Washington - Seattle
Vivian McPeak

Washington - Spokane
Tom Murlowski -

Washington, DC
William Perry

Washington, DC - Free Hip-Hop concert!
Missy Shapiro
Brian Gralnick

Wisconsin - Madison
Claude Tower

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